Powerful headings carry important messages.

my music is my biography all i can tell you is thats how i've documented my pain my love, this is my journey, my lifes work my spirit lessons learned through this cruel world we live in.

all you can do is be you and love what your doing!

i started at 14 and have never looked back

i feel complete when i make music it gives me a sense of touching the heavens

im a son, a father, a brother, an uncle, a friend and a mentor to many plus 1000s of souls 22 years in hip hop yet most important im a student to life and earths elements i came from the days of putting out 10.000s of street cds and pirate radios to push what we had new! now its the internet and years later they still talking my name. wiserap is here to stay not just ba gimmick or a 1 trick pony my music is the real deal and resinates passion every musical story carries truth. Welcome To My World. WR


Rapper & Producer